A description of the mandate of OOJ.


Mission Statement
To uphold the Constitution and to promote the rule of law through administering justice in a fair, timely,
accountable and accessible manner.


Vision Statement
To be a world class leader in judicial excellence.


Core Values

  • Justice for all – Apply fairness and impartiality in the administration of Justice; accessibility of court processes; treatment
    of all with dignity and respect.


  • Unyielding independence – Be steadfast in operational, financial and administrative
    Independence. Underscore individual independence of
    Judicial officers.


  • Service oriented – Be committed to the faithful discharge of duties; allegiance
    To the Constitution and laws of Namibia; dedication to
    Meeting the needs of court users and the public in an
    Efficient and effective manner.


  • Timeliness – Be responsive and adaptable to changing community
    needs, improved systems and processes.


  • Integrity – Conduct business with honesty and strong moral principles


  • Competence – Demonstrate professional competence in the mastery
    of the subject matter.


  • Excellence – Adherence to the highest jurisprudential and administrative



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